Here’s How to Hack a Vending Machine With a Homemade Robot


French-speaking YouTube user Ioduremetallique is a restless and animated inventor of things like an automatic rainwater measurement device and an elaborate robotic system designed to prevent stockpots from boiling over. (Of course, dude could balance a wooden spoon across the top of the pot to achieve the same effect, but wooden spoons are lame.) Here, he shows off a remote-controlled robot that fits inside a vending machine and snatches cans right off the shelf. Yes, it’s in French, but the international language of vending-machine frustration has very few words to begin with, and this kid is all kinds of smart. Skip ahead to the 1:19 mark for the good stuff, and meanwhile, someone call the MacArthur Foundation.

Arnaque au distributeur de boissons - [ Roboarna ] ► Méthode futuriste… et un peu
[YouTube via Laughing Squid]