The Spare Room Partying Down at Fraggle Rock, Wednesday Night in Hollywood

Find Fraggle playing cards in the game room
Find Fraggle playing cards in the game room Photo: Jim Henson Company

The Spare Room is hosting a party tomorrow night for the 30th anniversary of Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock, the early HBO series starring musical subterranean Muppets like Gobo, Boober, and Red. If you’re actually old enough to remember Fraggle Rock and think you can make it to the 10:30 P.M. start time, then we know you’re going to be craving a drink like Wembley jonesing on some Doozer Sticks.

Fortunately, the bowling-accessible bar will have a cocktail called “Enjoy the Architecture” based on vokda, Bianco Vermouth, lemon cordial, and orange bitters, with a radish garnish to represent the gang’s favorite grub.

A commemorative set of the Fraggle-themed playing cards you see above will also be available for playing games in the lounge area. The whole Fraggle-themed bash is free to the public, as long as they RSVP by calling 323-769-7296 or sending an email to organizers.