Forage The Chicago Landscape With Nance Klehm Tomorrow at Garfield Park


Maybe you’ve dined at Elizabeth and tried the things Iliana Regan forages around the Chicago area. Or maybe you’ve eaten something fantastic and never really thought about the fact that a forager (like this one) is responsible for it coming to the restaurant in the first place. Either way, having made a movie out of foraging with her, we recommend the experience of foraging with Nance Klehm, a passionate and decidedly opinionated booster of the oldest way of finding something to eat; you’ll never look at a vacant lot in Chicago the same way again. She has a seasonal series of “talk and walks” that start at the Jensen Room in the Garfield Park Conservatory, beginning Saturday with a spring edition from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and continuing with a summer edition August 3 and a fall one October 5; she’ll also do a shorter one in Oak Park on May 5. The one tomorrow is $55; get more details here.