Food Trucks Foiled By New Abbot Kinney Parking Rules

Food truck serving Abbot Kinney
Food truck serving Abbot Kinney Photo: Lady Linoleum/Flickr

Last fall, we exposed the growing frustrations of Abbot Kinney business owners as they struggled to make peace with food trucks who were hogging the street’s parking away from customers and employees during the city’s “First Friday” events. Today, new restrictions could limit food trucks’ ability to thrive on the street, as The Abbot Kinney Merchants’ Association has convinced L.A.’s City Department of Transportation to place a ban on trucks over six feet tall parking within 100 feet of any intersection between Westminster and Venice Blvd. The new laws, which were promoted to increase visibility on the crowded street, will keep food truck clustering down to a minimum for “First Fridays,” though a $58 ticket might not be enough to keep them from trying tonight. [Yo! Venice!]