Activists Hack Hudson Valley Foie Gras Site, Publish Customer Names

Foie gras at Casa Mono
Foie gras at Casa Mono Photo: Melissa Hom

The website of upstate New York producer Hudson Valley Foie Gras was “hacked,” Animal Liberation Worldwide reported yesterday. The animal activist collective says that hackers “uncovered” identifying details such as names, phone numbers, and credit card information of customers in the process, and even posted a partial list of what it claims are transactional details. (Actor David Alan Grier, who we at least know enjoys duck confit, has reportedly purchased foie from the company.) “Hudson Valley Foie Gras tortures birds,” the group claimed on Facebook, “and pollutes the earth.”

Though foie gras has been banned in California, several chefs in San Francisco and Los Angeles do not believe its production is tantamount to torture. Chefs in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York agree. “It’s total fucking bullshit,” Andrew Carmellini told the Miami New Times last year. “Why don’t they go after the chicken industry? Now there’s some fucked up shit that is a real issue.”

Breaking news! [Animal Liberation Worldwide/Facebook via Zagat]
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