Take a Look at What $5 Gets You in Big Macs and Bananas Around the World


Here’s a mind-blowing new way of looking at exchange rates: BuzzFeed takes a look at how much $5 will buy in terms of basic foods like rice, but also the Big Mac, in various countries around the world. If you like to eat a lot of egg-salad sandwiches, for example, you might not want to go to Sweden, where $5 buys 15 eggs — go to China, where you’ll score 57 for the same amount. Coffee is dirt cheap in India, as is ground beef in the U.K. (though, watch out for horse). Of course, none of this means the eggs are fine in Beijing or that you’ll get good crema in New Delhi, but it’s a fun food math exercise nonetheless. Lots of potatoes and coffee and other groceries, straight ahead.

How Much Food Does $5 Buy Around The World? [BuzzFeed]