USC Athletics Forms Unlikely Partnership With Fatburger

Waddling its way to the gridiron...
Waddling its way to the gridiron... Photo: Ming Chen Liao/Flickr

In the latest pairing of odd bedfellows, USC Athletics is teaming up with the proudly chubby Fatburger chain. A three-year contract will find Fatburger signage, ads, radio spots, and a burger-slinging Fatmobile attached to USC sporting events. So does a brand that brags about being “Fat” really belong in a partnership with the school’s championship sports teams? No less after all this week’s bad news about the dangers of eating beef for the human heart. Eh, it just might to all the involved parties. After all, Fatburger CEO Andy Wiederhorn and his sons are apparently upstanding Trojans themselves, and the overseer of the university’s sales, marketing, and media sports division happens to be Fox, which probably still supports ketchup being labeled as a vegetable. [Restaurant News]