Endless Summer Taco Truck’s Legendary Run Has Come to an End

Endless Summer, back in the days when no one had ever seen a food truck before.

Every few weeks, a reader will write Grub Street beseeching us to unravel the mystery of Williamsburg taco purveyor Endless Summer, which first appeared on North 7th and Bedford Avenue back in 2008. We knew that original owners Curtis Brown and Jeffrey Jensen sold the truck a few years ago and that it soldiered on and off seasonally until recently, when it went on a self-described "hiatus" and retired to some anonymous garage. Gothamist has finally found the food truck, on eBay, where it's going for a cool $50,000. Its current owner boasts that the winning bidder will not only get a fully functional Grumman van packed with taco gear, but will also be spared "countless hours of legal wrangling with the Department of Health and other nightmarish city institutions. It's hard to put a price on that," the listing claims. "Trust us. But we have." [Gothamist, Earlier]