Encounter Boosts LAX’s Relationship Status

<strike>A giant diaphragm</strike> Encounter Restaurant
A giant diaphragm Encounter Restaurant Photo: Al Pavangkanan/Flickr

MeetAtTheAirport.com, a dating site for what must be the most desperate demographic on Earth, is naming LAX as the number one airport for hooking up on the West Coast. The Encounter, that Jetsons-style restaurant rising above the airport’s ring of hotel van traffic, was specifically noted as a primary reason for all of this boot knocking and ugly bumping, the result of 80,000 members weighing in on the question, “Which airport do you feel has given you the best opportunity to meet strangers of the opposite sex?” Yes, certainly a reason to rejoice for today’s frenzied, globe-trotting CEO. And yet another reason for everyone else to go home tonight and hug their family extra close. [LAT]