Drew Barrymore Ices Her Pinot Grigio, Misses Trader Vic’s

Photo: Getty Images

One of the celebrities in attendance at the annual bougie booze fest that is Pebble Beach Food & Wine this past weekend was Drew Barrymore, who now has her own wine to push on the public. She’s only made a Barrymore Pinot Grigio so far, which retails for $20 a bottle, but she tells Zagat that she was “always a Chianti girl,” and there may be a rosé on the way, too. They caught her icing her own glass of wine because the tasting tent was so damn hot on Saturday afternoon, and she professes to missing the shuttered Trader Vic’s in L.A. And as for being a judge on cooking shows, as she is on an upcoming episode of Ilan Hall’s new Esquire Network show Knife Fight, she says it made her want to kill herself, figuratively. “I care about people’s feelings so much that I felt so bad for the person who lost … I mean, judging feels awful. It’s great, don’t get me wrong. What I felt worse about was that I was so quick to pick who I thought was the winner. I felt so bad that I was so brutal about it!” [Zagat, Related]