Ricardo Diaz Shutters Dorado’s Ceviche Bar

Dorado's Ceviche Bar
Dorado's Ceviche Bar Photo: Dorado's

Monterey Park may have some of the best Chinese food in the world, but it’s still not exactly a hot-bed for ceviche. So it goes that Ricardo Diaz announces the permanent shutter of Dorado’s Ceviche Bar, his SGV love letter to Mexican seafood written in fish tacos, cocteles, fresh oysters, octopus escabeche, and a daily roster of ceviches. The business is now closed so Diaz, also the owner of Cook’s Tortas and Bizarra Captial (which is still serving ceviche), as well as a founder of Guisado’s, can focus on a few new projects gestating up his sleeves. On Facebook, Diaz explains that the death of Dorado’s is simply, “a little creative destruction.”