Din Tai Fung Due in Glendale This Fall

Xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung
Xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung Photo: Robert S. Donovan/Flickr

It sort of says everything about the way we eat in Los Angeles that most local food fanatics are way more excited for another location of Din Tai Fung than they are for Michael Mina’s Bourbon Steak. The Taipei soup dumpling sensation that packs them in in Arcadia announces plans to take a space in Brand at Americana, bringing its thin-skinned, broth-filled xiao long bao to another location crowning L.A.’s core. Of course, there are those who believe the further the brand gets from Taiwan, the less spectacular the dumplings are. Considering all the gas that trip takes, just thank your lucky stars you only have to truck it to Glendale. Look for Din Tai Fung to open this September and keep an eye out for Bourbon Steak in 2014. [Eater]