Inside the Dead Rabbit’s Nineteenth-Century Cocktail Culture Time Warp

Punches, cups, and cobblers of New York.
Punches, cups, and cobblers of New York. Photo: Courtesy of Food Arts

It opened back in Feburary, but for some reason the nineteenth-century-inspired the Dead Rabbit cocktail bar is only now catching on — perhaps it’s because all you Bill the Butcher types are jazzed now that Martin Scorsese is developing a Gangs of New York TV show. In any event, Food Arts has put what amounts to a gift-wrapped feature for cocktail geeks online (with recipes and a video), which details how the bar got put together and focuses on partner Jack McGarry’s intense, multi-year quest for historical accuracy. The result of this is the leather-bound, 58-page menu handed to customers at the Water Street bar’s second-floor “Parlor,” where everyone is also greeted with a tiny mug of “welcome punch.” [Food Arts, Earlier]