Even Worse Than Yelp: In Pennsyltucky Dissatisfied Customers Throw Dead Animals at You

Elite memebrs give this place one dead squirell
Elite memebrs give this place one dead squirell Photo: Anticiv/Flickr

Yelp is the least of the worries of bar and restaurant owners in Brookville, Pennsylvania. There in the Jefferson County seat, disgruntled customers express disfavor by hurling dead animals into offending businesses. The quaint and colorful practice came to light this week when the Associated Press reported that police were on lookout for two “young, dissatisfied customers” who tossed a groundhog carcass into local establishment Bill’s Bar after being refused service. One was reportedly turned away for being underage, while the other for an “alcohol problem.” Not content with dropping off Punxsutawney Phil’s deceased cousin, the two returned hours later to follow up with a dead grouse!

Naturally, they sped off in a pickup truck both times.

Still what’s strange and fascinating about all of this is, the locals there are mostly unfazed by the incident. It seems articulating displeasure with dead animals is a fairly common practice in that neck of the woods.

“We have a lot of it up here,” Police Chief Ken Dworek told AP. “A guy will get in an argument and put a dead squirrel on his girlfriend’s doorknob, that kind of thing.”

We suppose that’s better than waking up next to a bloody horse head.

’We have a lot of it up here’ [AP]