David Chang Wishes He Could Be More Like Thomas Pynchon

He could probably get a Pulitzer.
He could probably get a Pulitzer. Photo: Fernando Leon/Getty Images

The Momofuku chef-owner thinks the legendarily anonymous author of Gravity’s Rainbow has it pretty good. At least Thomas Pynchon, the perpetually jet-lagged chef says, isn’t constantly put in the position of having to explain himself, or his pork buns. “I don’t mean I envy him as a writer,” he tells the Aesthete. “But his ability to be both public with his talent and extraordinarily private with himself, that’s exactly what I want.” Ideally, the two could collaborate on a restaurant and finally make Pynchon’s “El Atómico” from Inherent Vice — described as “a lengthy combination of enchiladas, tacos, burritos, tostadas, and tamales for two” that comes with its own legally binding disclaimer — a real thing. [Aesthete, Earlier]