What To Do On Dark Lord Day If You’re Not Doing That

Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

This is a great idea that someone should have come up with long ago. With Dark Lord Day tickets so in demand that basically nobody can go, why not plan other events at the same time for the wistful, stuck-at-home beer geek? That’s exactly what Emporium Arcade Bar at 1366 N. Milwaukee is doing this Saturday from 12-3, creating another event with beer but this time with no lines for the porta-potty. Together with three local beer blogs (Sub.Beerbia.net, BlahBlahBeer.com and MetaCookbook.com), they’ll be hosting Beer 1UP, with representatives from a bunch of local microbrews (Arcade, Atlas, 4 Paws, Aleman and Urban Legend), video game tournaments and more. Go here to find out more. [Chicagoist]