Da’Pitt BBQ Evicted Off Divisadero

Photo: Haighteration

The city is in short supply when it comes to hole-in-the-wall barbecue spots, and it is now one shorter. Da’Pitt, the barbecue shack with the sketchy parking lot at Divisadero and Grove that was formerly known as Brother in Law’s BBQ, was evicted as of April 24 for non-payment of rent. Haighteration breaks the news, and it’s a little sad given the rapid gentrification happening along the corridor, this being a decidedly un-gentrified vestige of the Western Addition neighborhood as it was ten and twenty years ago. The place had some fans for its food, but not every newbie to the neighborhood took to it, with many Yelpers noting poor service and one writing, “If you’re lucky you will get an excellent BBQ meal [at Da’Pitt].” Also, hyper-local blog The Corridor, in posting about a nearby Sneaky’s BBQ pop-up, recently made indirect reference to Da’Pitt with the headline, “BBQ On Divis That You Won’t Feel Scared to Walk Through the Parking Lot to Eat.” [Haighteration]