Cosmo Goss of The Publican Crowned Prince of Porc at Cochon 555

Cosmo Goss (center) won Cochon 555 Chicago last night.
Cosmo Goss (center) won Cochon 555 Chicago last night. Photo: Galdones Photography

In terms of fame to the food-fan public, Cosmo Goss comes in behind some of the other chefs on his team— including Blackbird chef David Posey, Avec chef Erling Wu-Bower, and Big Star chef Justin Large. But as the architect of The Publican and Publican Quality Meats’ extensive array of cured meats, Goss knows his way around a pig as well as anybody in town, and in the end his menu, which made six different dishes out of a Faith’s Farm Hampshire Pig, made him the champ last night and could prove to be his breakout moment (as it was last year for Jason Vincent of Nightwood). His dishes included a pork pancake (with maple syrup), pork loin tonnato, nduja pudding, boudin noir, glazed pork belly, and churros & chocolate to end. Our man Huge Galdones will have a full photo-porko-graphic report tomorrow.