Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook Pull Out of Citron & Rose

Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov
Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov Photo: Collin Keefe

Whoa! What’s this, the dynamic duo of Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov are ending their run with Merion’s ambitious kosher restaurant Citron & Rose? It’s true. A rep for Cook + Solo confirmed for Grub this afternoon that the two “have concluded [their] consulting arrangement” with the restaurant, which they opened with David Magerman last fall. The news is a bit of shock, especially when it comes right on the heels of Percy Street BBQ’s Comcast Center location closing. But fear not, they say they’re bringing Citron & Rose chef Yehuda Sichel back to Zahav as work on a new, nebulous restaurant project begins. We’ll keep you posted on any developments of that. Until then, check out Cook and Solomonov’s full statement straight ahead.

As of this past Monday, we have concluded our consulting arrangement with Citron and Rose. Chef de Cuisine Yehuda Sichel will return temporarily to Zahav as we work on our next restaurant project. Mike and I are extremely proud of what our amazing staff accomplished at Citron and Rose in such a short period of time. It was gratifying to see a full restaurant every night that served kosher cuisine to a diverse clientele. We are grateful to David Magerman for allowing us to put kosher dining in the spotlight. We would also like to thank our Mashgiach Rob Kandler as well as Community Kashrus of Philadelphia for their wisdom, guidance and patience throughout our involvement. We wish Citron and Rose continued success.

Steve Cook and Michael Solomonov

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