Ricardo Diaz Planning Colonia Taco Lounge

Tacos at Guisado's, co-founded by Diaz
Tacos at Guisado's, co-founded by Diaz Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Ricardo Diaz, the owner and innovator behind Cook’s Tortas and Bizarra Capital, recently split with his partner Armando De La Torre at Guisado’s, the taqueria sensation they’d hatched in Boyle Heights. The good news? Diaz is getting right back into the taco game with a new project called Colonia Taco Bar. Today the owner tweets a small tease about the restuarant, telling his followers that a wall mural is just being started in the space. Last month, Diaz shuttered Dorado’s Ceviche Bar in Monterey Park, suggesting that the closure could make way for a new project following “a little creative destruction.” We’re keeping our eyes on the space as it’s the most likely destination for a new restaurant from Diaz to appear. Stay tuned! [Twitter]