Since That Proposed Soda Tax Went Over So Well, the City’s Now Floating a Plan to Increase ‘Liquor-by-the-Drink’ Tax

Soon to cost about five percent more.
Soon to cost about five percent more. Photo: Dan4th via Flickr

People here practically took to the streets wielding pitchforks and torches when Mayor Michael Nutter proposed taxing soda and other sweetened beverages responsible for making kids obese and unhealthy. So what makes him think that a proposed five percent increase to the already burdensome 10 percent “liquor-by-the-drink” tax is going to fly with the city’s drinking population? Today’s Inky reports that Nutter and City Council are seeing eye to eye on the plan, which is being floated as means of coming up with the $60 million lifeline requested by the School Reform Commission. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but until another solution is presented, there’s a very good chance we may see prices on drinks increased in the not so distant future. But who’s complaining? At least we still have cheap soda. [Inquirer; Earlier]