Seersucker’s Kerry Diamond Launching Food Magazine Cherry Bombe

Coming soon to an indie bookshop near you.
Coming soon to an indie bookshop near you. Photo: courtesy of Cherry Bombe

The radical new wave of food journals — those expectation-defying periodicals that come across as mash-ups of traditional food magazines, fanzines, and fashion glossies — continues next month with the launch of Cherry Bombe, which founders Claudia Wu and Kerry Diamond bill as a “beautifully designed, biannual magazine that celebrates women and food.” The Times has a sneak preview of issue one, which covers Sofia Coppola, Jazzercise fiend Karlie Kloss, the illustrious Christina Tosi, Melia and Mirabelle Marden, force of nature Gabrielle Hamilton, Jennifer Rubell, and more. Talk about blockbusters. Wu and Diamond (who co-owns Seersucker and Nightingale 9) are currently offering all sorts of neat incentives on Kickstarter to anyone who supports the food magazine in its salad days. [NYT, Kickstarter, Earlier]