Cedar Hill (Likely) to Close in the Marina

Photo: Courtesy of Cedar Hill

Cedar Hill (3242 Scott Street), which was part of a wave of barbecue spots that popped up in town in 2011, is planning to close after just a year and a half in order for the owners to focus on their booming truck business. As Eater reports, owners Emily Lai and Jon Rietz have found it awkward now with two Rib Whip trucks that they have to load and unload in front of the restaurant in the busy Marina. (And perhaps the trucks are doing brisker business than the restaurant?) The restaurant is now up for sale, and they plan to find just a space they can use as a commissary kitchen for the trucks, and focus only on the mobile side of things. No closing date has yet been set, and they say they’ll stay put if they don’t get a good enough offer for the current space. [Eater]