Brewer Casey Hughes Leaving New Jersey’s Flying Fish Brewery

So long, and thanks for all the Flying Fish! Photo: Michael Persico

Casey Hughes, the award-winning brewer at New Jersey’s Flying Fish Brewery for the last 10 years and the man responsible for its acclaimed Exit Series of limited-run beers, is shoving off. He dropped the doozy yesterday, stating that he’s shipping off to the “Sunshine State to start a brewery” of his own. No doubt this is a huge bummer for fans of his Abbey Dubbel, Farmhouse Summer Ale, and “American Trippel,” Exit 4, which after a successful run as a one-off, was later added to Flying Fish’s regular roster of year-round beers. On the plus side, the beer situation in Florida is about to get a huge boost, and more than likely, recipes for those righteous brews will remain in capable hands in Jersey. What’s more, we can probably count on seeing Hughes return for Beer Week every year. Until then, cheers, and thanks for all the awesome beer! [Facebook; Earlier]