California Edges Closer to a Statewide Soda Tax

You could be looking at an extra $2.50 for all of this soda
You could be looking at an extra $2.50 for all of this sodaPhoto: Poolie

A state-wide tax on soda, energy drinks, and sweet tea was passed by a tax committee up in Sacramento yesterday, raising the odds that the proposed measure will next appear before state legislators. The tax would levy a one-cent charge on every fluid ounce of sugary drink you buy, adding a twelve cent surcharge to the average can of soda. 67% of Californians previously showed support for such a tax as long as the money was used to counteract obesity, while proponents see a price-spike as a deterrent that will reduce consumption. A similar measure to tax sodas in the city of Richmond was defeated last year. Of course, now that everybody knows chicken and grains are the real culprit behind their heavy breathing and hardened arteries, someone better draft a new measure targeting farro salad instead. [KTLA; Earlier]