Bleecker Bob’s Closes to Make Way for Another Frozen-Yogurt Shop

Is this worth it?

After three decades of selling records on West 3rd Street and more than two years of rent negotiations and litigation, Bleecker Bob's has closed a month earlier than expected. The 2,000-square-foot Greenwich Village shop will now become a frozen-yogurt shop. Robert "Bleecker Bob" Plotnik was paralyzed by a stroke in 2001 and has since been in an assisted living facility. DNAInfo reports that his long-time partner JK Kitzer, who met Plotnik at his shop and has been running the store in his absence, is unsure whether to tell him Bleecker Bob's has closed. “I’ve been kind of breaking down this week asking friends if I should tell him," Kitzer says. "50 percent say yes, 50 percent say no." [DNAInfo]