Six Awesome Restaurants That Will Impress Your Date Without Decimating Your Paycheck


Where do you take a date — especially one who’s into food and whom you want to impress — without the dread of knowing you’re probably going to spend over a hundred bucks before all is said and done? We bring you our half dozen favorite Bay Area spots that make for great date venues — and which won’t break the bank.

To compile this list, we tried to choose places that will satisfy a jaded foodinista but also offer a little atmosphere beyond your average bare-bones taqueria or Chinatown dive. Those all make for good date spots too, for the adventurous especially. But these picks are good for those early dates when you’re still relying on mood lighting, alcohol, and the element of surprise to keep the momentum going.

Also, we tried to select places where you can likely get two rounds of drinks or a bottle of wine, as well as a meal for two, for under $100, assuming you’re picking up the whole tab.

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