Berlin-Style Ping Pong Comes to Oakland

Photo: Oakland North

Have you heard of “Berlin-style” ping-pong? Neither had we. Well, it’s that thing where you put as many people as possible around the perimeter of a ping-pong table, each with their own paddle, and everyone takes turns trying to return serves, and serve, getting knocked out of the game if they mess up. It speeds up, you see, musical chairs-style, as there are fewer people around the table and more urgency to get to the other side. Anyway, the phenomenon is apparently old news in San Francisco (not to us, but there is a party this weekend in SoMa), but it’s new to Oakland, and American Tripps just brought their first ping-pong party to Ye Olde Hut in Rockridge last week. And thus you have something new to try whilst drinking. [Oakland North]