Beef and Pork Producers Unite to Create Infinitely Less Confusing Meat Labels

Where's the tenderloin?
Where's the tenderloin?Photo: Noah Kalina/New York Magazine

Tired of mistaking flank for skirt steak? Ever rush home from the supermarket, anxious to cook tri-tips, before realizing you made the fatal error of buying ball tips? “Never again,” you may have said to yourself, almost silently like an oath, and it turns out the National Pork Board and Beef Checkoff Program were eavesdropping on you, and now they’ve created the promising-sounding Uniform Retail Meat Identification Standards (URMIS) system to streamline the meat labels, which means you never have to shamefully admit to your family that you brought home the wrong kind of rump roast and may in fact be a failure. Retailers may soon begin implementing the new labels, and as a bonus, increased consumer awareness might mean that if more slaughter-bans are lifted and equine meat once again enters the retail supply, the standard may eventually make you more certain that the horse you just bought is a horse, of course, of course. [AP, Related]