New BabyCakes Cookbook Is All About Bread

Erin McKenna.

Erin McKenna, chef-owner of the cult, Galifianakis-approved BabyCakes bakery sends word that Clarkson Potter will publish her third cookbook next year. Babycakes: There Will Be Bread is, appropriately, all about breads: "Sandwich breads, seeded breads, morning breads, afternoon breads, international breads, breads for BBQs, breads you eat in bed," and so on. McKenna, who was last seen zooming around in BabyCakes's psychedelic app, has been on a bit of an expansion kick recently: In addition to its New York City flagship, L.A. bakery, and Disney World outpost in Orlando, the gluten-free baker says that BabyCakes will open its Mission location in about six months. [BabyCakes, Earlier, Earlier]