Anheuser-Busch Heir Renounces Lifetime NRA Membership

What David A. Keene is not drinking tonight.
What David A. Keene is not drinking tonight. Photo: Budweiser

A Budweiser beer family heir has abruptly quit the NRA, providing a copy of his original, two-page letter to president David Keene to KSDK in St. Louis to explain his reasons. “I am simply unable to comprehend how assault weapons and large capacity magazines have a role in your vision,” wrote the 48-year-old Adolphus Busch IV, asking the organization to remove his name from membership rolls. Turns out that Busch, whose family no longer owns Budweiser, joined the NRA when he was a kid. “The NRA appears to have evolved into the lobby for gun and ammunition manufacturers rather than gun owners,” he wrote in the letter, which was delivered to the organization yesterday. [KSDK via Gawker, Earlier]