Video: Alinea’s New Toy Shows Off… Alinea’s New Toys

Photo: courtesy Alinea

Alinea in-house filmmaker Christian Seel has been playing with various RED cameras, which (for those of you who don’t read American Cinematographer) are the high definition cameras used on many major motion pictures these days. But if you’re shooting at Alinea, toys are what it’s about— using technology in the kitchen to create playful and magical experiences for the diner. (Like a toy balloon you can eat.) So there’s kind of a perfect unity of subject and process there… as seen in this latest video, which not only takes advantage of the RED’s capabilities to look at things in a way you can’t see them in real life (like ultra-sharp slo-mo), but will make you want to have the chance to play at Alinea, too, with a fork and your mouth. Watch it below.