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Sweet Chick and the General Launch Brunch; Cinco de Mayo at Empellon

Sweet Chick is serving up brunch and, most important, a bacon Bloody Mary. The rest of the menu is Southern-inspired, with hearty plates like Cheddar-laced shrimp and grits, and a waffle with whipped ricotta, seasonal fruit, and spiced honey. [Grub Street]

The General is launching brunch this Saturday, too. Asian-inspired dishes include eggs Benedict topped with king crab and Kabayaki hollandaise, and Peking Duck hash and eggs. [Grub Street]

Empellon Taqueria and Cocina are celebrating Cinco de Mayo with special menus. Wash down razor clam ceviche and black garlic hummus tacos with unlimited margaritas, beer, and sparkling wine. [Grub Street]

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John DeLucie’s Crown Group Opening Big Italian Restaurant in Chelsea

He's going to need that double espresso.Photo: Nicole Franzen

He's in the Upper East Side at Crown, the West Village at the Lion, and also in midtown at Bill's Food & Drink, and now chef-owner John DeLucie has signed a deal on a fourth Manhattan restaurant, this one in the booming area of West Chelsea. He and his Crown Group partners will be taking over the space at 559 West 22nd Street that formerly housed the velvet-rope-fronted Mr. West. The new venue is 4,000 square feet and will feature a lounge on its lower level. "We are playing around with a more casual Italian café concept," says the chef, "and we'll also be applying for outdoor seating.'' DeLucie says the as-yet-unnamed restaurant will target a fall opening, just in time for Fashion Week. [Earlier]

April Bloomfield Apparently Also Really Awesome at Taking Photos

Beautiful radishes.

The Spotted Pig, John Dory, and Salvation Taco chef will contribute to the house Bon Appétit Instagram account each day this week, just to demonstrate that in addition to cooking, she's also better than you at taking Instagram photos. [April Bloomfield/Twitter]

Jay Cheshes Signs Off As Time Out’s Restaurant Critic

He's spent five years on the job, and several scores of tasting menus and many googolplexes of calories later, Time Out New York critic Jay Cheshes will deliver his last review for tomorrow's edition. (It's Carbone, by the way; five stars.) "There’s never been a better time to eat out in New York," he writes, shuffling through highlights, low points, and a back catalogue of many stars. [TONY]

Share Our Strength’s City Grit Dinner Party Auction Lineup Will Blow Your Mind

Jersey Boy: Thirty Acres' Kevin PemouliePhoto: Hugh Merwin

The nonprofit organization Share Our Strength, which works to end childhood hunger, will hold its annual Taste of the Nation NYC event on April 29 at 82 Mercer. In addition to an all-star roster of chef power and small plates from more than 70 restaurants you probably admire a lot (including Gramercy Tavern and the Marrow), there are several auction packages up for grabs, including a commis stint with Dominique Ansel and a cocktail-making class led by Shiraz Noor of Aska for you and seven friends. There's also a crazy dinner party for ten, which will take place at City Grit, and represents an unprecedented collecion of chef talent.

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Sex and Bagels Are Only Hangover Distractions, Not Cures

"God, I’ve been so hung-over all day today. I’ve been juicing ... But the best hangover remedy, unfortunately, is more drinks ... I believe that the egg and cheese bagel just distracts you from feeling the way you feel. Sex is another big distraction when you’re hung-over. It feels good during that time, but then you go right back to your hangover as soon as it’s over. So if you really want to deal with the hangover, you’ve got to stick to the liquids." PDT's Jim Meehan, on his favorite hangover remedies, at last night's Spring Benefit for Edible Schoolyard NYC.

14 Things to Know About Sugar Factory, Taking Over the Ryu Space in the Meatpacking District

What happens in Vegas, like these two 'Bachelor' ladies air-kissing lollipops, no longer stays there.Photo: Courtesy of Sugar Factory/Facebook

Dry your tears, all of you who cried the day Scott Disick's Ryu unceremoniously closed in the meatpacking district: The space has been replaced by the Las Vegas import Sugar Factory American Brasserie, which combines only the very best bits of full-service celebrity hangout restaurant, a broad menu of savory food, and a hyperactive candy emporium. (Look, there's Drake! And FD&C Red No. 40! And Blue No. 1!.) This is a place where superstars become ad hoc confectioners and $36 Day-Glo cocktails are served in 36-ounce "goblets." Elsewhere, brunch is served, eagles soar, and diabetics tread lightly. The restaurant has been in soft-open mode for a few days and will open wide on Thursday. Straight ahead, some talking points about New York's newest destination for gummy bears and Akon sightings.

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Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr to Part Ways With Keith McNally

Hanson and Nasr.Photo: Nick Solares

Big news from McNallyland: A hugely successful partnership that started sixteen years ago with the opening of Balthazar has come to an end. Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr are leaving their co-executive-chef positions at Balthazar, Pastis, Schiller's Liquor Bar, and Minetta Tavern. They’re not yet saying what they have planned for the future, but it’s safe to assume they’re not retiring to Miami. Although the split is amicable according to the chefs, you get the feeling that it’s the end of an era — not quite the culinary equivalent of the Beatles breaking up, but close.

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Marco Canora on His ‘Bratty’ Former Busboy, Jake Gyllenhaal

He's the boss.Photo: Thos Robinson/Getty Images

At last night's Inaugural Spring Benefit for Edible Schoolyard NYC, foundation ambassador Jake Gyllenhaal let slip that he once worked for Hearth chef Marco Canora in Martha's Vineyard — and mentioned that he had been, in his own words, "a little brat." After Gyllenhaal's speech, we caught up with Canora to get the full story — and to find out how Canora got his payback.

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Inside the Timeless World of the Wisconsin Supper Club

Anywhere there are people over the age of 60, you'll find older restaurants where fine dining means prime rib, a baked potato, and a good stiff cocktail. In most places, they're a vanishing breed — but in Wisconsin, they're an art form. Supper club culture, barely changed since the Mad Men days, remains a vital part of the Wisconsin dining scene, an essential social center for distant communities and a place of connection between the generations. (New York chef Michael White, a Wisconsin native, will open a supper-club-themed restaurant in Manhattan next month.) Author-filmmaker Ron Faiola first explored the subculture in his 2011 documentary Wisconsin Supper Clubs: An Old-Fashioned Experience, which played on PBS stations nationwide; now he has a new book of the same name looking at 50 still-thriving supper clubs across the state. We spoke with him about the subject and put together a slideshow of the photos from his book to whet your appetite. Read the interview below, then check out the slideshow and get hungry.

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Ikea May Sell Discounted Horsemeatballs in Sweden

Two-for-one horseballs! Get them while they're hot!Photo: MARCEL ANTONISSE/AFP/Getty Images

Back in February, during what is now known as the Great Horsemeat Scare of 2013, Ikea had to withdraw tens of millions of meatballs in over twenty countries. The company disposed of most of its beef-pork-horse balls, but decided to store the frozen meatballs recalled from outlets in Sweden in its warehouses. Since the food's perfectly healthy, and some folks actually like to eat horse, why not put it up for sale? "There is no health risk associated with eating the meatballs, so we would like to sell them relabeled and at reduced price and donate the money to charity," says an Ikea spokesman in Sweden. "We are currently in dialogue with relevant authorities to explore if and how we can do this in accordance with legal demands." Just make sure it's properly labelled this time. [Earlier, Earlier, Daily Mail UK]

Justin Hilbert Has Left Gwynnett St. in Williamsburg

Eater reports that Gwynnett St. executive chef Justin Hilbert has left the restaurant and has been replaced in the kitchen by partner and former sous-chef Owen Clark. The two chefs met in 2007 when they were working separate stations at wd~50, and then opened the restaurant in November of 2011. The good news for fans of Hilbert's avant-garde comfort food — and that's not an oxymoron, especially considering the restaurant's stellar whiskey bread — is that Clark will carry on in the same style of cooking. "He's a bad ass," says owner Carl McCoy. No word on Hilbert's next move just yet. [Eater NY, Earlier, Related]

Hester Street Fair to Return on Saturday, April 27

Welcome back!

Hooray! This season of the Lower East Side community market is bringing more food than ever before. Newbies at the Hester Eats Food Festival include Khao Man Gai, serving Thai street food, and Chinese Mirch, a vendor blending Indian herbs and spices with Cantonese, Hakka, and Szechuan-style cooking. Plus: Old favorites like Luke's Lobster, Oaxaca Taqueria, and Little Muenster are all coming back. The fair commences on Saturday, April 27, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the corner of Hester and Essex Streets, and will run every Saturday until September 26. Check out the full list of vendors for opening day, straight ahead.

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Man Quits Job With Elaborate and Adorable Resignation Cake

Move over, lady who distilled her entire résumé in that six-second Vine video (also: congrats on the new job), because now it's time to make some room for the guy who resigned via buttercream and icing. Baker Chris Holmes, who'd once put in time with Gordon Ramsay, had been working for the U.K. Border Agency at Stansted Airport. But right around his 31st birthday, Holmes decided it was time for a change, so he baked his bosses a friendly resignation cake, which regretfully (and tastefully) informed upper management of his decision. Take this job and slice it! Some wonderful piping skill and the full sentiment, straight ahead.

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