Outerlands Begins Taking Reservations

Wait no more.
Wait no more. Photo: bittermelon/Flickr

Back in February, Mr. Bauer sounded off about how annoyed he’s gotten with the trend of popular, review-worthy restaurants not taking reservations, and having multi-hour waitlists. One of the restaurants he mentioned was the ever buzzworthy Outerlands, and at the time co-owner Lana Porcello told us that their no-reservation policy was mostly a “service infrastructure issue,” and that they actually were planning on starting an OpenTable account soon. Well, that time has come, as Eater notes, and the restaurant is taking reservations starting on April 23. Whether this change is coinciding with the restaurant’s long-awaited expansion into the space next door, we’re not quite sure, but we’ve reached out to the team for answers, which we should have for you shortly. [Eater, Earlier] Update: Porcello clarifies that they will still take walk-ins after the 23rd, and that the expansion is still at least a couple months out, with permits still yet to come.