Yuji Ramen to Serve Ramen ‘Ravioli,’ Basically Change the World

The future is coming.
The future is coming. Photo: Jakob N. Layman/Time Out New York

Fork in the Road talks to Yuji Haraguchi of Yuji Ramen, who is about to start his two-month-long noodle pop-up at the Bowery Whole Foods and will then move right along onto opening his brick-and-mortar shop in Williamsburg. At the Smorgasburg-Whole Foods mash-up, Yuji will serve ramen à la carte during the day and a five-course, reservations-only ramen omakase menu at night on the Lower East Side, which includes the debut of its ramen “ravioli,” a menu item that isn’t described in detail but nonetheless sounds awesome. Haraguchi says his Williamsburg shop will be like a “Japanese street-food joint” and will also serve ramen. It’s scheduled to open in June. [Fork In the Road/VV, Earlier, Related]