Wurstkuche Venice Recovering From Car Crash; Baby Blues Refreshes Exterior

Wurstkuche Venice
Wurstkuche Venice Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Up until today we never really understood the German sense of humor. But just a little over two weeks since a high speed chase up Lincoln ended in the biergarten’s lap, we see Wurstkuche Venice open and able to laugh about the devastation, branding the massive hole in its brick facade a “Drive-Thru.” Repairs are currently in progress, while the Lincoln beautification movement continues catty-corner to the Westside branch of the sausage shop.

Baby Blues BBQ
Baby Blues BBQ Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Baby Blues BBQ, which was blighted for a few years by an ill-conceived logo on its wall that looked like a bad county fair air-brushing job, recently renovated its exterior, vastly improving its appearance with new signage on top and a slick vintage-style mural by local artist NEVER.