Celebrate the Rarest of Winter Citrus at Manresa on Sunday


This Sunday marks David Kinch’s annual ode to the rare and interesting fruit from his friend Gene Lester’s orchard in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Lester began as a hobbyist, growing uncommon varieties of citrus from around the world like Vangassay lemon, Australian fingerlimes, and Indio Mandarinquat, and his farm has grown into one of the largest private collections of rare citrus in the world. To celebrate the height of the growing season, Kinch and his team at Manresa are offering a multi-course dinner on Sunday, March 10, highlighting different types of citrus for $195 per person. (It’s similar to the summertime counterpart, the Tomato Modernista Dinner, highlighting rare tomato varieties from Love Apple Farm.) Wine pairings are available for an additional $110 to $195. The restaurant’s regular menu will not be offered that night, and reservations can be made at 408-354-4330. If you have the means, we highly recommend it. [Manresa]