Time’s ‘140 Best Twitter Feeds’ Includes Pete Wells, Jordana Rothman, Anthony Bourdain

Of course he made the list.
Of course he made the list. Photo: Sean Mathis/WireImage

Keeping the conversation going as usual, Time has named its “140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2013,” spanning categories like sports, celebrities, tech, and, food, of course. (As an added bonus, all honorees associated with these accounts are also under the age of 140 — we think.) You’ll notice the food tweeters here are skewed toward a decidedly New York groove, including the illustrious Pete Wells, beast-that-will-not-die Ruth Bourdain, Tony “the boy who lived” Bourdain, consummate thought-provoker Mark Bittman, witty and soulful (and friend of Grub Street) Jordana Rothman, koan-master Ruth Reichl, chef-statesman Tom Colicchio, conscientiousness objector Alice Waters, the timeless Gael Greene, and the supremely factoid-friendly Foodimentary. [Time]