Street Gourmet L.A. Hits Travel Channel This Saturday

Bill Esparza
Bill Esparza Photo: Street Gourmet L.A.

Bill Esparza, the Mex-pert blogger behind Street Gourmet L.A. and L.A. Magazine’s Digest blog, will hit the small screen as host of The Travel Channel’s Street Eats: USA. Esparza will showcase restaurants from Little Belize, The SGV, and Vernon’s El Faro Plaza, while also taking a look at some nouveau food trucks. He writes on his blog, “Up until now I’ve been a good Robin, to a range of Batmen–Zimmern is Batman, Dark Knight Edition–but, now I can truly say–‘I’m Batman.’” Catch the writer’s new venture this Saturday at 3:00 P.M. on Travel Channel and check out a clip of the show on his site.** [SGLA]

**Full Disclosure: We totally know this dude.