Midtown Village’s Bogus Thirteen Street Bistro Could Be Going HipCityVeg

Thirteen Street Bistro
Thirteen Street Bistro Photo: LoopNet

Dirty old jiggle joint the Full Moon Saloon, which is, like, one of the last vacancies along the heavily restaurant-populated stretch of 13th Street in Midtown Village, has sold. And rumors have a second location of HipCityVeg going in. The Insider reports that real estate mogul and Stephen Starr backer Allan Domb bought the bricks, which in recent years have been gussied up and adorned with the fakey Thirteen Street Bistro sign out front in an effort to give it a little more curb appeal. There’s no confirmation on the HipCityVeg tip, but since the rumor is being echoed throughout the neighborhood, and Domb owns the building that houses its original location, it doesn’t seem like such a stretch. [Insider]