Sun-Times Reportedly Shuttering Food Section


As the Sun-Times continues to evolve under new management, one change has reportedly been made that would have been unthinkable for newspapers not very long ago: the food section is reportedly being discontinued. One contributor tells us that a piece running this week will appear in the last issue; we have reached out to the Sun-Times and section editor Sue Ontiveros, among others, but have not received confirmation (or denial, which is certainly possible) and will update the story as we receive further information. At one time locally-generated food coverage, including recipes and other tips was essential for female readership— or, more to the point, for the grocery store advertisers who wanted to reach those readers— but the availability of such content from many sources has drastically increased in recent years, and it appears that the current management does not see the same value in the section, though we have been regular followers of many parts of it (such as the Food Detective column). Restaurant reviews, which appear under a different section heading (Entertainment), will likely not be affected.