Sula Answers Your Perplexity About Milt’s Barbecue For the Perplexed


We’re sure we’re not the only ones mildly perplexed by the opening of Lakeview’s Milt’s Barbecue For the Perplexed, even though we’ve actually had kosher barbecue at a private party. It’s not that hard to make kosher barbecue, once you remove the substantial portion of the BBQ cosmos that is pork-based (but hey, at least one regional style, central Texas, is pretty strongly beef-based). Making kosher barbecue into a successful business might be harder, but you can get some clues from Mike Sula’s pretty exhaustive look at the place in the Reader’s food blog, which explains the name (it refers to a book by Maimonides— we are so going forward with our Spinoza-themed chicken wings concept now), what kosher barbecue entails, why it’s in Lakeview and not, say, Rogers Park, and interestingly, that it is more a community thing than a business business— “owner Jeff Aeder, a realtor, says he’s donating 100 percent of Milt’s profits to a different charity each month,” Sula says. [Reader]