Straw Adds New Menu Items, Including a Philly Cheesesteakadilla

Step right up!
Step right up! Photo: Courtesy of Straw

Carny-themed Hayes Valley restaurant Straw (203 Octavia) has just added a few new entrées to their offerings, and they have a bit of carnival-style flair to them. First, there’s buttermilk fried chicken with citrus slaw and champs, a.k.a. scallion mashed potatoes. Then there’s a jambalaya with prawns, chicken, andouille, and chorizo; a Pick-a-Pepper tempura-fried poblano stuffed with cheese and topped with tomato-cheese sauce and sour cream; and the Philly Cheesesteakadilla, the first of its kind in these parts, stuffed with marinated tri-tip and served with four-cheese dipping sauce and fries. Get it while your arteries are still young.