Former Stateside Chef George Sabatino Turning Up at… Circles Thai?

George Sabatino
George Sabatino

So, there’s still no word on where George Sabatino will land next. The promising culinary star hung up his apron at Stateside earlier this week, which immediately gave way to a barrage of back-fence talk that he was going to join Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran for their forthcoming restaurants at the former home of Fish and Rhino Bar. They’ve since put the kibosh on that chatter, denying any such involvement with him on those projects. While his next step remains wrapped in mystery, we do know one place where he will turn up next.

Sabatino is headed to Circles Thai’s NoLibs locale, but for only one night. He and Corner/Corner Foodery chef John “Chainsaw” Taus will man the pots and pans with Circles’ chef-owner Alex Boonphaya for a special six-course dinner on Thursday, March 28. It’s part of a lager series of guest chef gigs the restaurant’s doing over the next couple weeks to celebrate the Thai New Year. Later, in mid-April Boonphaya will serve an eight-course prix fixe for three nights that will include dishes from each chef’s guest dinner. The guest chef dinners will run $50 per person. The three “greatest hits” dinners will go for $60 per person. Chefs and the dates they’re cooking are pasted below.

• Thursday, March 21 - Chef Jeffrey Power of Dettera

• Thursday, March 28 - Chef John “Chainsaw” Taus of The Corner and The Corner Foodery along with Chef George Sabatino

• Thursday, April 4 - Chef Jen Choplin of SoWe

• Thursday, April 11 - Chef Sean Magee of Time

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