Bittman Calls State Bird a ‘Dream Come True’

Bittman Photo: Getty Images

State Bird Provisions got yet another accolade in the national press, via Mark Bittman in the NYT. We know that Bittman is a frequent visitor to S.F. (he has a daughter here), and he now says that one-year-old State Bird Provisions is “a dream come true because I’m pretty much a true omnivore: I will eat anything, and I love surprises.” He says that Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski’s dishes are “gorgeous, far-out, inventively served creations,” and even though most of their recipes turn out to be too complicated for his minimalist schtick, he manages to get three out of them: fried asparagus with Caesar dressing; avocado with soy-lime vinaigrette; and double-chocolate rice pudding. [NYT]