Starry Kitchen Owner Inserts (Gator) Shoe in Mouth

Nguyen "Deadmau5" Tran with Bishop Don Magic Juan
Nguyen "Deadmau5" Tran with Bishop Don Magic Juan Photo: Starry Kitchen/Facebook

Nguyen Tran, the outspoken owner of Starry Kitchen, set tempers off on Friday when he encouraged guests to come celebrate International Women’s Day by “bring[ing] your World-Famous Pimp and/or non-as-famous loving loved one…for Dinner.” The guy was most likely just showing off his new photo of pimpin’s prime minster, Bishop Don Magic Juan, but naturally, not everyone appreciated his sense of humor, past expressed in suggestive homemade costumes and bad ball jokes. Amid cries of sexism and charges of jesting at human trafficking, Tran explained in the comments on Jezebel, “This was an intentionally bad ironic joke.” [Jezebel]