Bauer Says Sons & Daughters Is ‘Spot on From Start to Finish’

Photo: Courtesy of Sons & Daughters

Today’s Chronicle has a fresh rave from Michael Bauer for Sons & Daughters, the three-year-old restaurant from young chefs Teague Moriarty and Matt McNamara that he says has “continued to improve” each time he’s been back. They recently lowered the price of their eight-course menu to $98, citing lowered costs via their garden output, and Bauer praises the produce saying “you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better at the French Laundry.” (See his iPhone slideshow here.) He also notes that everything from the service to the ambiance has improved, including the addition of gray tablecloths and cloth hand towels in the restroom. He’s wowed by a deep-fried, pastry-wrapped, sous vide egg, and a “perfectly seared” squab breast, but he adds that all of the presentations are “breathtaking.” All told, he ups their rating to three and a half stars, noting that they are not far from the coveted four. [Chron, Bauer’s 2011 Review]