Soda Judge Presides Over Wedding, Causes Couple to Fight About the Ban

Judge Tingling, looking dapper.
Judge Tingling, looking dapper. Photo: Ron Antonelli/New York Daily News/Getty Images

Moments before a couple said “I do,” they were told that Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling Jr. would preside over their ceremony. As in: Bloomberg’s nemesis! The pseudo-celeb judge who blocked the ban on big sugary drinks! OMG! This big news drove soon-to-be man and wife Robert Fisler and Jennifer Shappirio to argue about the ban, and Tingling had to actually interrupt their fight to begin officiating. Tingling then decided it’d be cute to ad-lib during the ceremony, asking Fisler to promise to “argue with her and make up with her,” and Shappirio “to allow him to think he’s right even when you know he’s wrong, as long as you live.” This super-romantic wedding ended with Fisler announcing, “I’m gonna get a 40-ounce soda!” Aw, shucks. [NYP]