Seven Shot at South Side Banquet Hall

Mr. G's Supper Club and Entertainment Center
Mr. G's Supper Club and Entertainment Center Photo: courtesy Mr. G's

We’ve become inured to violence on Chicago’s south and west sides, but reassure ourselves that it mostly happens in places where you might expect trouble to happen. It is that much more dismaying, then, when it happens in the kind of place that seems as if it is doing things right— contributing to the social stability and improvement of its community. Go on the blog of Mr. G’s Supper Club and Entertainment Center at 1547 W. 87th and you’ll find signs of an attractive modern banquet hall serving as a focus for its community— there are weddings and anniversaries, a scholarship dinner sponsored by club owners and the awards banquet of a men’s lodge. But there are also late night events there— and early this morning a party for two rappers, Lil’ Mouse and King Samson, ended with seven people being shot. Some reports say up to three gunmen fired, injuring seven people but none fatally; it’s unclear if the gunmen were together or if that represents the exchange of fire between different groups and if any of the gunmen were among the injured. WGN-TV reports that the fight started outside the club but was, somehow, allowed to move inside the club. [WGN-TV]