Senator Daylin Leach Pushes for Labeling Frankenfood

Amber waves of genetically modified grain.
Amber waves of genetically modified grain. Photo: Faul/Flickr

Through sponsoring bills to end a ban on same-sex marriage and legalize marijuana, State Senator Daylin Leach is perhaps the most progressive politician to hold office in perpetually backward Pennsyltucky. And for his next act, he’s pushing for a law to require foods containing ingredients that are genetically-engineered to be clearly labeled as such, the Inky reports. The move mirrors previous efforts made in California, which surprisingly didn’t pass, and by his estimate, are pending in as many as two dozen other states. Though his bill has 12 cosponsors, including one Republican, it faces an uphill battle. Agriculture remains as Pennsylvania’s largest industry, and the 50,000-member strong trade group, The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, says it will oppose any measure to label genetically modified food. [Inquirer]